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Stateless Vault

Piiano Vault is a powerful tool for securing personally identifiable information (PII). However, normal operation requires a database to store configuration information, objects, and tokens. This requirement for an additional database is unnecessary if you want to take advantage of Vault's encryption capabilities while retaining data in an existing infrastructure.

To make Piiano Vault more accessible, stateless mode enables you to use Piiano Vault without managing a backing database. In stateless mode, Piiano Vault loads its schema and configuration data from files at start up and holds that data in memory. You can then use Piiano Vault to encrypt objects stored in your database.

When using Piiano Vault in stateless mode, you can take advantage of many of the advanced features that make Piiano Vault a powerful tool for securing PII. For example, you can update encrypted objects without decrypting them and request hashes for encrypted object fields to build a blind index that enables searches over the encrypted data.

See Run Vault in stateless mode for information on setting up and running Vault in stateless mode.