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Why you should use Piiano Vault

Learn about the efforts needed to achieve sensitive data protection and compliance

Security and privacy business requirements and corresponding best practices mandate implementing measures on customers' personal data. Moreover, as personal data is typically sprawled across your entire organization, meeting these requirements is often not feasible.

Piiano’s approach reduces the scope of the problem by focusing on sensitive data, such as PII, PCI, PHI, KYC, and secrets. The rest of the data is less interesting when it’s first de-identified and the identifiers are separated and more protected, leaving the data pseudonymized. Piiano Vault provides everything you need out of the box, enabling you to meet the requirements quickly.

Data pseudonymizationData pseudonymization

To achieve your security and privacy business requirements, you must implement many data protection and privacy compliance features. For privacy compliance this includes requirements such as data subject access rights, consent, retention, minimization, traceability, data localization and sovereignty, etc. Data protection focuses on reducing the exposure of sensitive data and using the data safely. It requires the implementation of features such as field-level encryption (while allowing searches over the data), granular access controls, tokenization, masking, object-level security, key rotation, etc.

However, none of the required features are provided by modern databases. These databases were designed to make the data accessible, rather than ensuring data is fully protected and compliant. Building and maintaining it yourself would be very time-consuming.

Auditing and monitoring are also crucial security principles that aren't normally practiced. Most applications aren't built in the most secure way, permissions and access checks aren't enforced well, and SQL injection and IDOR attacks still happen. And even if they're secure, the attack surface, human and configuration errors are often lurking in the system for the attackers to exploit. IT security practitioners find themselves without audit logs when they need to do forensics. And the detailed breach notifications required by privacy regulators, identifying precisely what was compromised, are just not going to happen.

The data sprawl, the fact that your customer data is all over the place, makes it hard, or even impossible, to comply with the regulations. Fixing all data stores to support all these requirements isn’t realistic.

Piiano Vault, your secure database, implements everything you need to best secure your most sensitive data and comply with regulations. You can easily deploy the Vault SaaS or set up Vault in your cloud account and retain complete control over your data. Start using the CLI and APIs to build your applications, simply and securely.

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