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Privacy data model

Vault is a privacy data vault that has, at its core, people and their individual data rights. Its privacy data model is built for data protection, data management, and privacy compliance.

Privacy data modelPrivacy data model

The data model features include:

  1. Data types that are semantic and naturally meaningful (tagged), enabling smart functionality. You can add custom data types and implement functionality for them, such as validation.
  2. Object values that conform to their data type's behavior, such as the data type's input validation.
  3. An automated object life-cycle, including retention, expiration, and deletion.
  4. Linking all data associated with a person to preserve data integrity and support data subject access request (DSAR) functionality. For example, deleting a person deletes all their linked data.
  5. Transformations to provide less sensitive data views. For example, to return age instead of date of birth or mask sensitive fields such as credit card numbers.
  6. Tokens to reduce data exposure.
  7. Searchable and encrypted data at field level.
  8. Associating persons with tenants to support B2B uses cases.