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Data privacy

Get out of the box, advanced workflows required by privacy regulations

The principal value proposition of Vault is providing the advanced workflows required by privacy regulations.

Traceability features ensure that Vault keeps track of all data access. This includes the requirement to specify a reason for all data access events and the ability to request and record the customer's consent. These features also enable Vault to provide specialized data access policies for privacy control.

Individual privacy rights features will include triggering Right To Erasure (also known as Right To Be Forgotten or RTBF) and Data Subject Access Request (DSAR). When instructed to forget a person, Vault will keep evidence of the deletion and let you configure the properties to delete and retain. With the recommended configuration, archived objects will be hidden, and access limited to a role designed for enabling legal operations.

Retention policies for Vault data can be configured. Once a retention period expires, Vault can trigger deletion or other actions such as alerting you.

Consent management and enforcement features help you manage your customers' preferences and embed the enforcement of those preferences into how Vault processes data.

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