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Discover the new features, logic changes, bug fixes, breaking changes, and known issues and limitations in Piiano Vault release v1.9.0.

New features

  • New PVAULT_DB_MIGRATION_ENABLE_CLEAN_DATABASE_VALIDATION configuration option to optionally disable validation on first startup if there are other applications that uses the database, by checking for tables and views that are not built-in with Postgres installation. This is useful in case the database has some non-standard built-in tables that are not related to Vault such as with Azure Cosmos Database for Postgres (which uses Citus).
  • Vault now supports Azure Key Vault as a KMS. See Property Encryption for more information.
  • Vault now supports a new authentication method, Direct JWT Authentication. This method enables a direct to authentication with Vault using a JWT token that was generated by an IdP such as Auth0, Azure AD, etc.

Logic changes

  • Two OpenAPI fields were added an int64 format: #/components/schemas/ProductVersion and #/components/schemas/Worker.


Earlier changes prior to v1.9.0 were removed for brevity sake.