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Discover the new features, logic changes, bug fixes, breaking changes, and known issues and limitations in Piiano Vault release v1.10.3.

New features

  • Tokenize accepts a new optional parameter: token_id. This is useful for having the Vault use your external token_id as the ID of the token returned. Read more about it.
  • Updates to the behavior of HTTP requests performed by the _httpPost and _httpGet JavaScript helper functions:
    • Requests now respect the PVAULT_SERVICE_ALLOWED_HTTP_DESTINATIONS environment variable so they are allowed only if both the PVAULT_SERVICE_ALLOWED_HTTP_DESTINATIONS and the function http_get_access/http_post_access dependencies allow the destination.
    • The Request-ID header is now being set to the request trace ID.
    • The Vault User-Agent header is now being added to the request.

Logic changes

  • Vault is now updated to accept a new license only if the new license expiration is later than the current license expiration.

Breaking changes

  • Functions that were using the _httpPost and _httpGet JavaScript helper functions now must add the target destination to PVAULT_SERVICE_ALLOWED_HTTP_DESTINATIONS to allow the request.

Bug fixes

  • Fix a bug where requests initiated with JavaScript _httpPost or _httpGet helper functions weren't canceled properly on request timeout.
  • Fix a bug where vault reported a new license in logs even when the license was unchanged.