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Discover the new features, logic changes, bug fixes, breaking changes, and known issues and limitations in this Piiano Vault release.

New features

  • A new environment variable PVAULT_FEATURES_DISABLE_DOCS that disables the /docs endpoint. See Environment variabls for more information.

Logic changes

  • Vault now validates that all active instances are in sync before applying some Control operations, in order to prevent race-conditions that may lead to data inconsistency. You can use the cluster-info CLI command to view the current cache generation of all instances in the cluster, and the --wait-for-sync helper flag on the relevant control operations to wait for all instances to be in sync before applying the operation. See Metadata cache for more information about metadata caching in Vault.
  • The default IAM configuration has been simplified and shortened significantly. See Default IAM configuration to learn more about the default IAM configuration, and IAM use-cases for examples of how to use IAM to create useful roles and policies.

Breaking changes

  • The search-token and detokenize APIs now does not return aggregated token data by default (when including the metadata in case of detokenize). You can use the include_aggregated_data option to include it. See Search Token and Detokenize for more information.