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Get a user details


Get a user's details.

The role that performs this operation must have the CapIAMReader capability. See Access control for more information about how capabilities are used to control access to operations.


Path parameters

  • user - string required*

    The name of the user.

Possible responses

The request is successful.

object required*
  • name - string required*

    The user name.

  • api_key - object required*

    The metadata associated with the API key of the caller.

    • expiry - string required*

      The expiry time of the API key.

"name": "some_user",
"api_key": {
"expiry": "2022-07-05T08:47:12.047Z"

Try the API


Path parameters

Navigate to the docs of your local Vault installation to try the API directly from there.

Code examples