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HTTP status codes

The Piiano Vault REST API indicates the success or failure of an operation call with a subset of the standard HTTP response status codes.

Codes used

This table lists the HTTP response status codes you may receive from the Piiano Vault REST API.

CodeOutcomeExample error message
200The request is processed successfully.
400The request fails because part of the request is misformed. For example, required properties are missing from the request body, or a request parameter is in the wrong format.The access reason is missing.
401The caller's authentication credentials are incorrect or missing. For example, an API key is wrong or not provided.The request is unauthorized.
403A required policy or policies is missing. For example, the caller needs the CapDataWriter capability to add an object.The operation is forbidden due to missing capabilities.
404An item indicated in the request is not found. For example, a request is made to update items in a nonexistent collection. The error response includes details of the missing items.No collection exists with the ID [id].
405The operation isn't allowed.The operation is not allowed in in-memory mode.
413The request is rejected as it exceeds a server-side limit.The request payload is too large.
414The URI of the request is longer than the server is willing to interpret.The request URI is too long.
429The request exceeds the rate limits.This request exceeds the rate limits.
500The request fails because of a server error (error code: PV1000). This may indicate a transient error, and you can try again later. If the error persists, contact your service support.Something went wrong.
501The operation hasn't been implemented (error code: PV2001).
Will be returned in a stateless Vault for operations requiring the database.
This operation is not implemented.
503The request fails because the service is not running. Try again later and if the error persists, contact your service support.
This status code also returns upon an anti-tampering alert in enforcing mode (error code: PV2002)
The operation timed out on the server.

Error response schema

codeintegerThe HTTP status code.
messagestringThe error message.
contextmapThe error context.

Example Error Response

HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized
"code": 401,
"message": "Authentication credentials are incorrect or missing.",
"context": {}