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About transformations

Transformations provide a mechanism to reduce data exposure by masking part of a data item when it's returned from Vault. For example, a phone number can be masked so that only the last four digits are readable, like this ***-****-2795.

Each transformation is associated with a data type and can be applied to any data of the same type. Vault provides several built-in transformations for specific data types.

The access management policies then enable you to restrict access to raw data and enforce the use of transformations for specific users, practically reducing exposure risk. For example, take a public web application that collects SSNs and stores them in Vault. An access policy can be configured to allow the application to read a masked SSN value only, reducing the potential of exposing SSNs stored in the system. The SSNs are now protected, even in the case of a compromised web server (through SQL injection, remote code execution, etc.).