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Update an object

Learn how to update a personal data object

To update personal data values for an object in a collection you provide the ID of the object and the values of the properties you want to update. If you provide a field with the same value as it has, the field won’t be updated.

Whether your request to update object values succeeds depends on:

  • the correct specification of the collection and object ID.
  • the value provided validating against the rules for their data type.
  • the permissions you've been granted as part of the Vault’s identity and access management settings.

If the operation fails an error message is returned, while no output means a successful update.

Update an object to PERSONS collection


To update an object in a collection you:

  1. Determine the ID of the object you want to update in a collection.
  2. Determine which property values should be updated and construct the JSON.
  3. Use the CLI update an object command or REST API update object by id operation passing the ID of the object, the property values JSON, and the collection name.


You want to update the email and phone number of an object with the ID ab3d5be0-ffde-4a8c-983a-f79dd5d34e17 in the buyers collection you created in Create a collection with these values:

"email": "",
"phone_number": "+1-121212123"

First, you construct the JSON to specify the changes, like this:

"email": "",
"phone_number": "+1-121212124"

Now, you can request the update using either the CLI like this:

pvault object update \
--collection buyers \
--id ab3d5be0-ffde-4a8c-983a-f79dd5d34e17 \
--fields '{

or REST API like this:

curl -s -X PATCH \
--url 'http://localhost:8123/api/pvlt/1.0/data/collections/buyers/objects/ab3d5be0-ffde-4a8c-983a-f79dd5d34e17?reason=AppFunctionality' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer pvaultauth' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data '{

If the request is successful, you get a 200 response; there is no other output.