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License management

Learn about the Piiano Vault software licenses, and how to obtain, activate, status check, and renew your license key


If you're using the hosted version of Vault, Piiano manages the license automatically.

Piiano offers two Vault licenses:

  • Trial license – for free of charge evaluation of the Vault software.
  • Product license – for use of the Vault software in production.

Vault validates the license's authenticity and expiration date using a license key.


Impact of an expired license

Vault functionality is unaffected by an expired license; Vault continues to work even if its license is expired. Vault settings, however, cannot be changed until a valid license is applied. For example, you cannot add collections, add properties, or change the IAM settings.

The following sections guide you on obtaining, activating, status checking, and renewing your key.

Obtain a key

To get a trial license key online, refer to Install Piiano Vault locally. To obtain a product license key, contact Piiano support.

Activate your key

To activate the key, pass it to Vault using the container environment variable PVAULT_SERVICE_LICENSE.

Status check your key

To find out when your license expires, use the pvault admin get-license CLI command or the get license API operation.

Renew your key

To renew your license:

  1. Contact Piiano support to obtain a new key.
  2. Pass the key to Vault using the container environment variable PVAULT_SERVICE_LICENSE.