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Important precautions for your data

The following guides cover several backup and restore techniques for the Piiano Vault for self-hosted installation. To be able to always access your data you must follow these guidelines:



Do not lose your KMS key.

To mitigate this concern:

  1. Enable the "delete protection" mechanism of the cloud provider.
  2. Tightly control who can access and remove this key.
  3. If the key was accidentally deleted, you can still recover it in a certain window of time (typically 7-30 days).

Database encryption keys


Do not lose your DEK (data encryption keys).

These keys are saved within the Postgres Database that Vault uses. Snapshots or other backups can mitigate this concern.


Since all user data is encrypted by default in the Vault, an access to the database itself is not sufficient for accessing your original data. To retrieve your data you must access it via a running Vault.