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Backup and restore Piiano Vault

Learn how to backup and restore Piiano Vault


In the hosted version of Vault, point-in-time recovery is used, with a 5-minute time window. Backups are kept for 7 days.

Backup and restore of any data store is essential functionality. You can backup and restore Piiano Vault using:

  • AWS infrastructure. This involves backing up the Vault backing store, the KMS, and all other AWS resources Vault uses. This is a comprehensive backup and restore approach, and you can apply the same approach to other cloud providers.
  • Database-level. This approach uses features provided by the PostgreSQL database and is straightforward, with some caveats. The most notable of these caveats is that Vault's database is encrypted.
  • Vault API backup and restore. This is the most straightforward approach but the most sensitive in terms of security and the slowest. You should take this approach if you intend to migrate Vault from one setup to another, such as switching cloud provider.

Regardless of your chosen approach, Piiano's team is ready to help you with the process.

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