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Piiano CLI user authentication

The Piiano CLI uses user API keys to authenticate its communication.

Set the active API key

An environment variable and a CLI flag are available to set the key value used in CLI commands.

The PVAULT_AUTH_TOKEN environment variable lets you set the default user API key used in CLI commands. This environment variable is initially set to pvaultauth, the value of the default API key for the admin user. To override the key value set in the environment variable and run a command with another API key, use the --authtoken CLI global flag.

See Global flags for more information.

Obtain API keys

To enable evaluation and testing, Vault ships with a default API key of pvaultauth for the admin user. See Set the admin's API key for information on how to set a value for this key.

To obtain an API key for any other user, use the regenerate user API key REST API operation or CLI command.

See Manage users and policies to learn more about how Vault controls user access to operations and data.