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Discover the new features, logic changes, bug fixes, breaking changes, and known issues and limitations in Piiano Vault release v1.1.3.

New features

  • The Tokenize and Hash objects REST API operations now enable you to specify data without needing to add an object, using a JSON object specified in the object.fields parameter.

Logic changes

  • Sending logs, audits, and statistics to Piiano has been optimized for faster performance with minimal impact on overall performance. You control this feature with the PVAULT_LOG_DATADOG_ENABLE environment variable.

Bug fixes

  • The database password secret file located at /etc/pvault/secrets/db_password/content is now respected.
  • The documentation of the HashObjects REST API operation response has been fixed: the documentation now shows the response as an array of token values.

Breaking changes

  • Tokens created without adding an object do not include an owner object ID. Therefore, the metadata response for the SearchToken REST API operation can now return without an owner object ID.

Known issues and limitations

  • Queries can only match untransformed properties (properties with transformations, such as ssn.mask, are not matched).
  • No pagination is provided for the tokens API operations Search tokens and Detokenize tokens.
  • No pagination is provided for the List objects API operation when retrieving a list of objects using IDs. When requesting a number of objects which exceeds the page size, an error is returned.