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v1.0.0 - GA 🚀

Discover the new features, logic changes, bug fixes, breaking changes, and known issues and limitations in Piiano Vault release v1.0.0.

New features

  • New pvault-migrate standalone utility enabling the upgrading and downgrading of a Vault installation in a manual and controlled manner. The utility is provided within the Vault container images.
  • Tokens count is now reported to the log along with other metrics.
  • Improved logs during Vault initialization.
  • Improvements to JavaScript support for custom transformations:
    • Transformations now can receive additional parameters using the X-Trans-Param header.
    • Transformations now receive richer context that includes User,Role,Reason,Collection (name),Props,Prop,TxParam, and Extra.
    • Transformations can now specify required_props to define additional properties that should be available for the transformation.
    • Transformations can now use HTTP post and get methods with explicitly allowlisted domains specified for each.
  • The CLI selftest bench command supports new flags:
    • --skip-recreate flag to skip collection recreation.
    • --rate flag to define a target RPS.
    • Added missing vault_id, customer_identifer, customer_env, and registration_uid properties to the logs.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed CLI help that was showing some incorrect global flags.
  • Cache generation number now stays the same during restart if there wasn't a configuration change.
  • Fixed object operations with input consisting of a list of IDs to return details in the same order as the IDs that were passed.
  • Fixed CLI list transformation command printing incorrect output.
  • Replaced the 500 status code returned when adding a non-nullable property to a non-empty collection with a 400 (bad request) status code.
  • Replaced the 500 status code returned for concurrency conflicts with a 409 (conflict) status code.

Breaking changes

  • Encrypted properties now use Authenticated Encryption with Associated Data (AEAD) to help improve data integrity.
  • The Rotate tokens operation now returns a map to eliminate dependency on response order.
  • Production mode now requires that a cloud-backed KMS is set.

Known issues and limitations

  • Queries can only match untransformed properties (properties with transformations, such as ssn.mask, are not matched).
  • No pagination is provided for the tokens API operations Search tokens and Detokenize tokens.
  • No pagination is provided for the List objects API operation when retrieving a list of objects using IDs. When requesting a number of objects which exceeds the page size, an error is returned.